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Sometimes you just…

Sometimes you just need to jump,

most times you will just fall,

and hit your head,

bruise a knee, 

or simply scrape your arm,

but sometimes,

sometimes when you jump,

you will fly.

If you go near a pond and gaze,

gaze into the pool,

and when there is no ripples in the water,

and the breeze passes through your hair,

and just when the starlights, 

and the moonshines,

and the crickets are chirping,

and there is but no external sound,

you will see it,

the black swan,

a once in a lifetime opportunity,

so rare and so golden that it gives you the freight,

but it is at that precise moment 

that if you don’t jump,

you would not fly, 

if you take too long 

the swan will be gone,

and the greatest beauty of all 

will have just disappeared

as fast and as stealthy as it appeared.

Enjoy those precious moments

where your breath runs away,

where those beautiful eyes,

melt away all your thoughts 

and dreams,

but they are no thieves,

for they belong to,

the lovely black swan 

that drifted away

leaving no trace

and always wandering 

if it was all a dream.

Ahh if only sometime I could fly…

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